iFUEL Spill Containment Unit Range SCU

Product image 1iFUEL Spill Containment Unit
Product image 2iFUEL Spill Containment Unit cw 3m Ramp Kit
Product image 3iFUEL Spill Containment Unit cw 3m Ramp Kit
Product image 4iFUEL Spill Containment Unit cw 2m Ramp Kit
Product image 5iFUEL Spill Containment Unit cw 2m Ramp Kit
Product image 6iFUEL Spill Containment Unit cw 2m Ramp Kit

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iFUEL Spill Containment Unit Range SCU



iFUEL® Spill Containment equipment range.  This range is made up of the iFUEL® Spill Containment Unit and associated Ramps, Absorbents and Spill Socks, that will capture all spills at the equipment refuelling location.

Most contamination around fuel facilities occurs due poor housekeeping and a culture of allowing spilt fuel to infiltrate the surrounding environment.  Contamination of a site does not generally occur due to one catastrophic spill.  Contamination builds up over an extended period of time due to the cumulative effect of many small spills.  

The iFUEL® Spill Containment Unit prevents any fuel that is spilt at the refuelling location from contaminating the surrounding environment.  Simply prepare a compacted, level pad, and place the Spill Containment unit either sunk into the ground, or couple with our Heavy Duty Ramps to use the Spill Containment Unit on the ground.

The units are modular and can be coupled together to form a larger spill pad area.  Often our Spill Containment Unit solution is more cost effective than preparing and laying a concrete slab for remote projects.

We can custom fabricate our Spill Containment Units to provide a bespoke design to suit your specific site requirement.


Load Capacity 150 tonne, a 250 tonne unit is also available for heavy duty mining applications
3000mm W x 2000mm L x 250mm H
Sump Capacity

1500 ltrs

Max Load

150 tonne (150,000kg)

Finish Galvanised
Transportation Integrated Forklift Pockets
Outlets Multiple bung outlets screwed BSP Female, supplied with Plugs, for interconnection to other Spill Containment Units, or connection to absorbent drain bags / oily water separator unit 
Grating Galvanised, removable for cleaning.

Perfect for temporary refuelling sites such as civil construction, building, road construction, quarries, mobile crushing or contract mining sites.

Can be coupled with an Oily Water Separator for medium to long term site requirements.


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